The “art” of studios

 Recently, in the summer of 2022, while at a dance competition after-party, a friend who also owns a dance studio made a comment. They'd said that they realized all it takes to have a successful studio was to "be nice" to their clients. I think my reply was something along the lines of "You think?" The rest of the conversation cited some examp...

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Humble beginnings

What inspires a person to collect anything? I'm sure I don't have a clue. The fact is that, like most, I was expected to grow past the toys I had in my youth. They make you "immature", I was told. You have to "grow up". Time to find other interests. The custom was that you need to leave the things of your youth behind you as you mature into adultho...

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No Experience Necessary

"What to do?", the question I kept asking myself. The sweltering days of the summer of 1987 were a time of an exorbitant amount of personal anxiety and concern. I'd just graduated high school, and had absolutely no plans for college. It's not as if my guidance counsellor at school didn't try to chat with me about it, I'd just not be particularly in...

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