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Since my professional career began, I've worked and taught for the major dance franchises and some of the largest independent studios in Ohio obtaining several professional dance degrees. Concurrently I've continued to develop myself in my 1st loves of graphic art and illustration. I am also blessed to have developed extensive administrative backgrounds in the industries of IT, construction and medicine.

Currently my primary focus is managing my school and developing professionals in my industry of dance. But my passion for all forms of art is never far from my consciousness and try to stay active in it as often as I can.


June 1987 - current

Dance Teacher

"No Experience Necessary" - that's what got me started into the world of dance. Since, I've acquired 4 degrees from accredited dance organizations and many, many teaching certificates.

circa 1993 — 2014

Learning the art of studios

Working for both the major dance Franchises and some of the largest independent schools in Ohio, by 2014 I had had enough. No knock on those I've worked for, but it was obvious by then I could do the job of teaching dance and making a living from it far more sensibly, on my own.

circa 1994 — 2006

Business administration

Sales & marketing, public relations, business management, general counsel - what a varied and crazy run of work and industry during this period. Crazy what being a dance teacher can qualify an individual for. Ah well, see a need, fill a need...

circa 2005 — 2008

Graphic Design

I'd been an artist much longer than a dancer. With a knack for merging technology and design, I learned the game of HTML and became a web graphic designer. Problem - too many hours sitting was wreaking havoc on my body. Time to move on...

circa 2007 — 2014

Dancing, plus

Back to the Franchise dance studio world. It's incredible what you think you forget, only to find you didn't, and are actually getting far better than ever before - when you get back into dance. I did very well again as teacher and dancer, but was also able to bring more to the table in terms of web development and graphic design, for myself and respective studios. I finally felt ready to start up shop for myself!

September 2014 — present

Life with Rhythm & Grace

Finally, the big step taken to create my school, Rhythm & Grace! With this base, I've been able to grow far beyond what I was able to in previous schools and became an awarded Top Teacher in Ohio with many trophy winning Top Students to our credit. I've been able to draw from my life's experience in so many fields to create the well reputed school Rhythm & Grace is.



%Rhythm & Grace 7647 Broadview Rd. Ste 3, Seven Hills, OH, 44131

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