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I am nobody of any consequence in the world of comic books.

As I understand it, "the K-Metal from Krypton" first came to a public awareness, apparently, as a small blurb in the 1970 book, History of Comics, Vol. 1. Since, a serious amount of detective work went into uncovering the story behind the story (so ably done and published by the curator of the Superman Thru the Ages site.)

As an avid visitor to the site, I happened upon the article. After reading it, I became so interested and intrigued by reading the uncovering of the unpublished issue, something inside me just had to do something. I mean, why should this story just languish for the decades it had? If no artist was going to act on this discovery, I felt compelled to step up and offer to fill in the gaps and complete the story. (Me - who had zero experience writing or drawing a comic book (but years of enthusiasm for them), who had the audacity. Lord, save me from my delusions of grandeur, and thank you, Great Rao (the curator) who played along with me.)

Initially, I was going to write in the missing portions of the script and run with that. But, the fates shined on us and upon announcement of my and the curator attempting to complete the story - we were given a copy of the original script to work from. (I'll leave it to you as to how we could have gotten a script locked away in the DC vaults). So we began. Through connections, the curator was able to bring in several talented people, including an artist of the Superman book (also one of my favorite artists of the character through the '90s and Shuster's spiritual successor) and we pretty much almost completed the project. (Almost. We still have a page that needs reconstructed. As I write this, I have a week off - so who knows?)

At the end of the day, I learned quite a lot and gained a truly valuable insight into many aspects of the industry from this project. I have many fond memories of chatting with the team ultimately assembled to bring this to light and, despite a critique or two that I got from a professional comic artist (as stated, I am nobody in the comics industry) have a special place in my heart, forever, for the work we did. I also am sincerely thankful for the efforts of the other artists, colorists, letterers and the curator of the site, himself, for their efforts. To them, I say "Thank You".

Below, are some works and "behind the scenes" from my own art contribution to the project, and a link to the published piece. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did making them.

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"The K-Metal from Krypton" can be read in all its entirety at the Superman thru the ages site! Here you can read about the history, the behind-the-scenes work and the full story - published on the web for the first time since written and illustrated in 1940!



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